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Vintage home decor




Inspired by a green view of the world, TallinnVintage collects items from the past to reuse and respect once more.
Industrial and rustic home decor, vintage homeware, photography props, all things rusty, crooked and worn. 
In our curated collection, we cherish the timeless quality of each item, as they bear the fingerprints of history, adding warmth and craftsmanship to your home. Discover unique pieces that tell stories and bring character to your space. Embrace sustainability and style with TallinnVintage, where every find is a piece of history waiting to be cherished again.


We believe in curating interiors that reflect your taste and aspirations, embracing both vintage charm and contemporary functionality.

We seamlessly blend vintage elements with modern sensibilities to achieve a harmonious balance between classic beauty and contemporary functionality. Our interior designs are a nod to the elegance of eras gone by while remaining rooted in the present.

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Interior Design
Interior Design
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