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When planning a new interior design project, my first steps are always focused on gaining a thorough understanding of the client's desires, needs, and objectives. During the initial meeting, I strive to establish an open and trusting relationship, allowing the client to share their vision, preferences, and expectations regarding the space.

After comprehending the client's needs, I take time to explore and analyze the specific characteristics of the space, including its size, lighting conditions, architectural details, and functionality.

The next step involves developing an initial design concept that integrates the client's desires with the practical requirements of the space. This includes selecting color palettes, furniture and decor choices, as well as space planning and ergonomics.

Finally, I compile an initial design proposal or visual presentation to share my ideas with the client and solicit feedback before proceeding to finalize the design. It's essential to foster collaboration with clients and ensure they feel involved throughout the process, ensuring that the final result meets their expectations and desires.

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